Food Production in Portugal

I wonder how easy it is to come by locally grown/produced food stuffs in Portugal. As a visitor it is unlikely that I will be producing much, if any, of the food that I will consume. Let's see, I'll need clean fruit and vegetables eggs and rice or some grain.

By "clean" I mean not genetically modified through direct human intervention in some laboratory. I also mean that the food from seed to harvest has not been doused with artificial fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, or other toxins. I mean that the food has not been painted or waxed irradiated or gassed. You know, clean, natural food produced in a clean and natural way.

I'm not a vegetarian. Eating life is eating life is how I survive. I'm okay with that. I don't think there is any more virtue in eating a dead or living plant than eating a dead animal. My preference is for "clean" food of whatever species. In fact of course, I'll eat what is available. So I'd like to put myself in a situation where "clean" is readily available. Maybe I can get Olawu, Pedro and A J Besta to weigh in on this.

How easy is it to eat "clean" in Portugal?


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