Decriminalization of All Illicit Drugs

Portugal is a nation plagued by many of the drug problems that persist in Europe. Unlike many of its neighbors who have witnessed a reduction or stabilization in the opiate addict population, Portugal's addict population and the problems that go along with addiction continue to increase. In an effort to reduce the number of addicts in the prison system, the Portuguese government has an enacted some radical policies in the last few years with the eventual decriminalization of all illicit drugs in July of 2001.

Until July 1, 2001, drug use, possession, and acquisition in Portugal were punishable by penalties up to 3 months in prison or a fine for small quantities. For amounts that exceeded a three-day supply, the penalty was up to a year in prison or a fine. Then in April 2001 a Regulation Decree was adopted and led to the implementation of the November 2000 law, Law 30/2000. On July 1, 2001, Law 30/2000 took effect in Portugal, decriminalizing drug use, possession and acquisition for the "casual" user as well as the addict.

While drug use, possession, and acquisition are still illicit activities in Portugal, these acts have been decriminalized. Acts that could once bring a prison sentence of three months to a year will now result in the confiscation of the illicit substance and a referral, not to a trial, but to a three-person commission to evaluate the offender. Under this new law, non-addicts may receive monetary fines or other penalties, while addicts will only receive non-monetary penalties. The three-person commission will most likely consist of a lawyer, a doctor, and a social assistant to evaluate the individual's level of addiction and recommend treatment options with the goal of rehabilitating the offender. Administrative sanctions may be used, but are not the primary objective of this new law. This new law did not legalize drug use, but removed criminal penalties for use, possession, and acquisition for all illicit drugs in quantities up to a 10-day supply.

What a novel action! Actually making all drugs legal would actually be a boost for the public economy! but then that is a "novel" idea still waiting of stage in the wings. ;)

Personally, I do not thinking making all drugs legal would increase their use. What do you think about the changes in the law in Portugal? What do you think about my idea to legalize all "illicit" drugs?

Children and those dependent on other for food should be fed only nutritions, non-harmful fare...everyone else should be free to choose what they elect to put in their mouths and all other entry points.


Mariza in NYC

Hey make sure to check out the two links in a post just a few underneath this one! It's pure music...Mariza make me want to sing. I really enjoyed listening to here. It was my first time. Can someone explaining to me if fado is a particular rhythm or musical structure. I got the part about the usual topics for a fado and the regionalism but she has so much variety in her selections...are the songs that I am hearing on these three links--the video and the tow websites that ALL fado?


Lisbon Easy Hostel

These are just the first page of comments! Seems to me that hostel is a very practical place to stay while one is getting grounded.

Jun 16 '07it really made my staying in lisbon easy.the only complaint i have is they couldn`t do anything about the weather! obrigadooooo! tim from greece

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May 30 '07la meilleur auberge que j'ai connu, et j'en fait au moins une par mois !!!

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May 5 '07This hostel was fantastic! Clean, in a great location and with friendly staff and an awesome atmosphere! Easy to find from the airport and the lift was an added bonus!

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May 3 '07very nice place , very good beds ! sleept really good. sadly no home baked bread when i was there -... but still very nice breakfast. location is amazing.And the little trams-public transport in lisboa are so much fun, your greatly located for everything in this spot. thanks.

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May 2 '07Easy Hostel in Lisbon is the best hostel I've stayed in so far. I definitely reccomend it to everyone!!!

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Apr 27 '07Beuitful new place close to everything

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Apr 24 '07top-notch this is the BEST hostel I ever stayed in, superb location, very secure, clean, good kitchen and fun - room and last but not least: great, nice, friendly and helpful staff. THANKYOU !!! annett

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Apr 22 '07This was was cool, it all depends on the people you meet, however, the staff was awesome and came out with us and should us where to go. they even have a dvd room and ps2. so if u like fifa u r in luck!

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Apr 17 '07This hostel was a real find, almost like a hotel. It was the cleanest and most modern hostel I've ever stayed in. It felt really comforatable and is right in the centre of town. I really appreciated how helpful the staff were too, storing our surf board securely at the last minute. A sttrong recommendation for this one I think!

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Apr 14 '07I enjoy my few days in Lisboa, I hope to come longer another time. The easy hostel is very clean comparatively than the others I've made. Happy birthday! Cordially, Béatrice Marchand



Her official website opens with a soft and sweet song. Visit and enjoy! Female vocalists--what a wonderful entree for me to learn Portuguese. I still don't "get it." There is so much variety in what she sings. Can it all be "fado?"
Mariza (another site, more wonderful music)


Portugal, One of the Best Destinations in Europe

Portugal is a country on the south-western Europe. Located on the west part of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal occupies an area of 92,152 km2. It is bordered by Spain on the east and north and by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south.The Portuguese territory is divided in three parts: the mainland, the autonomous region of Madeira and Azores which have their own administration.

The mainland is divided into 18 administrative district : Viana do Castelo, Vila Real, Bragança, Braga, Porto, Aveiro, Viseu, Guarda, Coimbra, Castelo Branco, Leiria, Santarém, Portalegre, Lisbon, Setúbal, Évora, Beja and Faro; the districts are divided into municipalities (311), which are subdivided into civil parishes.

The autonomous region of Azores is an archipelago of 9 islands, divided in three groups: the western, the central and the eastern. The islands of Flores and Corvo are part of the western group, the islands of S. Jorge, Terceira, Faial and Pico are part of the central group and the islands of S. Miguel and Santa Maria are part of eastern group. The autonomous region of Madeira is an archipelago formed by the island of Madeira and Porto Santo.

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. Other cities of more importance are Porto, Coimbra, Setúbal, Aveiro, Braga and Faro. The Portuguese terrain has several different forms. On the north of the Tejo river, it is very rough, with mountains, except the coast plain, and with an average height above 400 meters. These mountains are crossed by valleys and rivers.

On the south part of the Tejo river the terrain is formed by rolling plains, with low altitude, where the plains prevail. The highest mountains are located on the north of the Tejo river, and the most importants are Serra da Estrela (1991 m), Serra do Gerês (1508 m), Serra do Marão (1416 m), Serra do Montemuro (1381 m) and Serra do Caramulo (1075 m). On the south of the Tejo river, the most important mountains are Serra de São Mamede (1025 m), Serra do Monchique (902 m) and Serra do Caldeirão (577 m).

The rest of the Portuguese terrain is the coastline, which can be divided in three big set of plains: the Beira Litoral Plain formed by the alluvial plains of Vouga and Mondego, the Algarve Plain and the alluvial Plain of Tejo and Sado. The archipelagos of Azores and Madeira have theirs origins on volcanic activities and theirs terrains are very rough.

The coastline of Azores has a lot of cliffs and inside the islands the terrain is very mountainous. The highest mountain in Portugal is located inside the Pico island and it has 2351 meters. One characteristic of Madeira is that it has high mountains on the central part of the island.

The most important rivers are, from north to south of the mainland, the Minho, the Douro, the Tejo and the Guadiana all they rising in Spain and flowing to the Atlantic Ocean. Among the rivers whose course is Portuguese only, we have the Cávado, the Vouga, the Mondego, the Sado and Mira.

For more information about Portugal try visiting where you will find information on a variety of subjects relating to Portuguese people


Real Estate in Portugal

Portugal is a country with a rich seafaring community and it is situated on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula west of Spain. Portugal is situated in south Western Europe and looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. It has a number of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal's climate is influenced by the landmass of the Iberian Peninsula while simultaneously being a coastal country with weather affected by the sea.

There are a number of real estate agencies in Portugal that cooperate with a large number of real estate brokers and help people locate the kind of real estates they want. Whether individuals are looking for a retirement home in Portugal, a holiday home, golfing home or pure investment, Portugal has it all to offer and the real estate agencies and brokers ease the whole process of locating a real estate. These agencies and brokers are in a position to help individuals choose the best real estate from a large real estate selection that they can find in the Portuguese market. This is because they are experienced in the field of real estate and know the market very well. They are also aware of possible fluctuations in the real estate prices in Portugal. Real estate agencies and brokers in Portugal assist individuals in locating the desired property for the cheapest price.

Real estate agencies and brokers have a large date base from which individuals can select the type of real estate that they want in Portugal. Individuals can even opt to fill out a simple form and then the agencies will find the best and cheapest real estate according to the requirements individuals. These services are without any obligation and also free of cost.

It is generally more costly to purchase real estate in the coastal resorts of Portugal with the Algarve, in the South, being the most popular was it offers a large choice of purpose built complexes which constantly have a wide demand for holiday homes and rentals.

Portugal provides detailed information on Portugal, Map of Portugal, History Of Portugal, Real Estate In Portugal and more. Portugal is affiliated with Peru Tours.


Portugal Holds Presidency of European Union

EU Treaty (consolidation of recent changes), Brazil and Africa are being highlighted as priorities during the Portuguese tenure.

President Jose Socrates, "I think that the most important thing is to start the intergovernmental conference on the proposed treaty as quickly as possible. We will start it on the 23rd of this month and see if we can complete all the negotiation so the leaders can discuss the text at the next summit. And maybe even approve it!" said Socrates.

That all private EU households should have the right to choose between gas and electricty suppliers is a bit ludicrous given the fact that whether gas is renewable or not, it's certainly not renewable in the lifetimes of those that have gone befoe nor those that are t com in the foreseable future! It should be "all private EU oueholds should have the right to choose between electricity supplied thorugh renewalbe resources such as photovoltaics, wind turbine, water turbine (ocean waves, river/waterfall)

The goal should be that each household is self sufficient unto itself or each small neighborhood is self sufficient unto itself.


The World Factbook

The "World Factbook" published under the Central Intelligence Agency moniker is a staple just like Wikipedia. It's a pretty good reference and it's where I go first when I want to know about such things as visa requirements and length of stay allowed.

This is where I first came across the term Schengen. There is a confederation of countries that allow outsider tourists in for only up to 3 months at a time. So, if I were to go to Portugal and stay up to three months there, I would have to leave not only Portugal, but I would have to leave the Schengen confederation entirely. I could travel anywhere within Schengen but after the 3 month mark I would have to leave. I imagine that if I wanted to stay I would have to leave and go to Switzerland (if not yet implemented) or Morocco or somw other place not too far away where I could continue to function and learn and grow.



To be a WWOOFER host and to be a WOOFER guest-worker
, these are two dream goals for my new year. This list gives you an excellent idea of the host participants in Portugal. For details including contact information visit WWOOF.

There are WWOOF satellite organization in many many counties. Portugal does not have int's own WWOOF headquarters however there are over 60 "independent hosts" listed in the WWOOF Independent directory for Portugal. (see below--this is a straight copy/pasted from here)

WWOOF Independents
Preview list of WWOOF Independents Hosts for PORTUGAL
Number of hosts for PORTUGAL = 61

Host ID : POR103 CfNa2AvKyPhTtWgLespDtnGbH6Y5M1Z6B3-5,10-11
3/4 ha smallholding growing veg. and olive trees in central Portugal. Help especially needed planting and clearing land in spring and picking olives at end Oct. No special skills needed, just energy and enthusiasm! At the moment (in May) we really need help planting out seedlings and weeding.
Host ID : POR137 SfCiNa1ArvKaPhTtWgawtcbLegpDtGctbH5Y5M1B1 - 12
Old farm close to a little village (8kms from the beach) 10ha of beautiful land. 2.5ha of arable fields and a vast hilly terrain with forest. There are about 60 fruit trees and a horse for ploughing (for riding also) There is always plenty of work on the farm - cleaning the forest, planting new trees, gardening, renovating and extending the buildings wherever possible with natural materials. I am 46 years old and have been living in Portugal for 21 years. My two kids (son born in 1994 and a daughter born in 2000) stay with me frequently. I am interested in spiritual/energy work and i perceive my present life as part of a bigger journey we are on. Anybody interested in these topics will find me eager to share experiences. NB: If I don´t answer the fixed phone for a few days, it´s probably because the line is down. Try the mobile!
Host ID : POR087 CiNa1AcvKnPiTtWgwtbLepDtnsGctH4Y6M1Z3B1-7 10-12E8-9
5 peaceful hectares of woodland and meadow on the edge of a beautiful lake in S.W. Portugal is the setting for a new conservation and sustainable living project. Help with establishing organic vegetable and herb gardens, managing woodland, creating paths, dry stone walls, steps etc is needed from energetic and independent people.accomodation is a cosy caravan or camping in the woods or in a meadow by the stream. I am aiming to plant hundreds of trees during 2007, so need lots of help clearing the site, and digging holes. During April, and maybe again next Christmas, I hope to have a group of up to 20 'woofers' and volunteers here, which should be a lot of fun. contact me quickly if you want to take part.!
Host ID : POR149 SgCfNa2c1AcKyPhTtWgtcbLefdpDtnGtbXsH6Y5M2Z4B2-10E11-1
Green ½ ha in rural Central Portugal. Solar power, spring water, compost toilet. Help needed establishing permaculture gardens, renovating irrigation systems, rehabilitating plum and olive trees, stone-and-lime building work and much more. Prefer veggie/vegan, child-friendly WWOOFers who can handle rustic conditions (we have no house yet!) and feel inspired to help with making this smallholding as low-impact, self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable as possible. Get in touch for more information about current and future projects, details on how to get here, the local area, facilities etc.
Host ID : POR098 CcNa7c2AcvKaPhTtfWgawtbLeDtnsGtH4Y5M1Z3
4+ Ha fertile land near the West coast of Alentejo, Portugal. Eco-neighborhood with 4+ families aiming to live sustainably. Typical work: Rebuilding earth 'taipa' houses, Recovering original water resource, Growing food. Interested in relearning traditional methods with appropriate new technology? Permaculture experience useful. Please contact 1 month in advance. Programme of Sustainability workshops and working holidays in 2006 PLUS August 2006 for the Portugal Eco-Villages Green Gathering. Your help and participation is welcome. More info at our website. Would you like to join an eco-village in the making? We are looking for self-reliant people ­ single, couples and families who want to join a cooperative neighbourhood to live sustainably. Working Holidays are a good way to find out. Accommodation in geo-dome, also 2 tents available. All basic facilities. WE ARE NOW OPERATING AN ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY WE OFFER FOOD AND ACOMODATION IN EXCHANGE FOR ARCOS WHICH CAN BE GIVEN FOR WORK, according to our seasonal activities.
Host ID : POR106 SfCfNa2AdcKyPhTtWgatbLefspDtGbXsaH5Y6M1Z4
Portuguese couple growing vegetables and fruit trees for self sustainability and living in the less populated part of Portugal, 2 Km away from a small village and 13 Km from the city. We eat vegetarian, but small amount of meat will not be a problem. We would like help in the vegetable garden, house restauration (300 years old water mill), in the kitchen and with the animals (1 horse, 3 chickens, 3 cats and a dog). You can ride our bike to discover the region.
Host ID : POR072 SfCfNa2AvKaPhTtWgawbLeDsGbXsH6Y5M2Z13B1 - 12
We have 16 hectares of land, with fig, almond, olive, citrus, pine and cork oak + other trees. 3 fields, 2 streams. We also have four horses, chickens and ducks. We need help with: pruning (old almond, fig and olive trees), fruit picking, brush clearing and in the vegetable garden etc, also with looking after the horses, grooming riding etc, driving ability wound be helpful. Accommodation in a large 10' x 35', 2 bedroom static caravan, with own fully equiped kitchen (Self-catering). Non-smokers preferred. Can collect from Lagos.
Host ID : POR146 SfCiNa4ArcKaPhTtWgawtbLefpDtGbH6Y5M2B1-12
Situated at the foot of Marvao, in beautiful, natural park of Sao Mamede, small, quiet, organic farm with 1 hect 300 of land : olive grove, vegetable garden, fruit trees, oak and cork oak, lambs. French, English, Portuguese spoken. Comfortable accommodation, healthy food for help in vegetable garden, wood work, dry stone wall maintenance, small building jobs etc…
Host ID : POR136 SfCfNa2c1ArcKaPhTtWgawtbLegDtnsGctbH5Y5M1Z3B9-6E7-8
25 ha farm, biological,ecological agriculture in vegetables, fruits and food. Farm products are eggs and meat and vegetables. We need help with planting, watering, maintenance and harvesting, help in the woods, taking care of cork-oak trees, cleaning the land in order to avoid wood fires. We only have solar energy.
Host ID : POR097 SfCfNa2c1AcvKaPhTtWgabLegdpH5Y5M2
Assistance required making our newly acquired smallholding self-sufficient. Vines, fruit and olive trees, with land set aside for organic veg. Work could include land clearance, general gardening and assisting with the renovation of existing structures using traditional techniques. Plans for 2007 include the introduction of animals, creation of greywater recycling system and repairing irrigation systems. Lots to do and we welcome both skilled and unskilled help to work alongside us. We have two caravans plus camping accommodation. We're a one child, home-ed family and can accommodate children by arrangement. We're based in a semi-deserted village in mountainous Central Portugal.
Host ID : POR043 SfCfNa2ArcKnPhTtWgwtbLefpDtGtbH6Y5M1B2 - 11E12 - 1
S.W.Portugal (Algarve) 2 km from the ocean in natural park. Farming here for 16 years. Help wanted with organic garden, aquatic plants for swimming ponds and reed beds + others. 1 or 2 WWOOFers at a time. Vegetarian food + studio accommodation in winter, tent in summer.
Host ID : POR101 SgCiNa2AcKyPhTtWgawtLespDsGtH2Y5Z2
Camping or caravan in idyllic natural woodland. Working pony, chickens, fish ponds, gardens, orchards. Log eco house under construction. Beautiful unspoiled area of North Portugal!
Host ID : POR143 SfCfNa2AvKaPhTtWgawtbLegpDtnsGtbH4Y5M2B3-10E11-2
Mainly goats farm, but we also have horses henns, etc. 10 ha land. Need help with herding and feeding the animals, garden work, collecting fruits and other tasks. Also looking for someone able to do diverse rapair works. The farm is situated 3 Km from the next village with local shops and busses, 12 Km from next town and beaches. No especial skill needed. We speak german, english and portuguese. Regarding special diets: we have a balanced died including fish and meat. If you want a special diet eg vegan or vegetarian food you have the possibity to make your own.
Host ID : POR139 SgCfNa2c3AcvKyPhTtWgcLegpDtnGtbH5Y5B1 - 12
Hello, we are a Scottish/German couple with 3 children (8,7,5) living in the South of Portugal (Alentejo). We bought the ruin and 1.2 ha of land a year ago and need help all year round. We are new to gardening and always need a hand with weeding ect. We are all vegetarians and I love vegan cooking - vegans or any special diet no problem! Steven is a stone mason, so if you are interested in learning/working with stone come and stay with us. We can offer a small caravan and children are welcome! Working hours and max lenghths of stay negotiable. 2 people at the time prefereble but that is also negotiable. 800m from the house is a small swimming lake. It'a an ideal place for walking, cycling, relaxing as well as helping us...
Host ID : POR152 SgCfNa2c2ArvKaPtTtWgacLegpDsH6Y5B4 - 10
1 ha small farm with horse-riding school and other animals near small village in western Algarve (Portugal). Help wanted for animals, gardening, house and maintanance during spring and summer-season.
Host ID : POR140 SfCiNa4AcKaTtWgawbLefsDsGcXaH8Y5
We are moving from another organic farm to here, so we are now starting all the infra estructures needeed for the garden and animals. We have a kitchen for the volunteers, as well as camping site, bathroom, bread oven, as weel as all the vegetables you can eat. Our farm is inside the Parque Natural da Costa Vicentina, 1 km and the land finish on the ocean. Fishing available.
Host ID : POR154 CiNa1ArKnPhTtWgaLeDtsGcXsH4Y5M4B1 - 12E-
Elderly lady (registered blind) who has run a Registered Animal Charity in the Algarve since 1980 needs help looking after the abused and injured animals (24 dogs and 12 cats at present) which are cared for (and hopefully found new homes) on a 5.5 ha organic estate in the countryside. The land provides space for the rescued animals and for the organic growth of vegetables and fruits. Needs help not only in looking after the animals, but also importantly in planting and cultivating the vegetables and fruit which will enable the establishment to become 100% self-sufficient. Accomodation (up to 3 people) in self-contained annex.
Host ID : POR153 SfCiNa1PhWgw
I am Dutch and farm the "Finca" on my own with the help of volunteers. The farm has got an organic garden which feeds the inhabitants. It is situated in the bottom of a valley. Oranges, figs, plums, peaches, olives, pommegranites, mispro and kaki grow on the property. WWOOFers are needed to help in the garden, chopping wood for the fire, pruning the fruit trees, harvesting the fruit and processing it and for many more things. The Finca has got its own well with drinking water. The. neighbour's donkeys graze on the slopes and keep the grass down. There are yoga and painting classes on offer as well as guided walks.
Host ID : POR138 SgCiNa1ArKnPhTfWgawLefsiDsGbXsaH4Y6B1 - 12
I have a farm with 80000 m2 on the south of portugal about 30 km west from lagos. I have animals, fruits and agriculture.
Host ID : POR127 SfCfciNa7c2AdrcvKyPhTtfWgawtcbLegpDtnsGctbH4Y4B10 - 04
25 beautiful ha of land. Started here in the summer of 2005. Peaceful, flexible easy going, open minded bunch, working hard together on our goals. Current projects: Organic vegetable/grain garden, strawbale houses, treehouse construction. Inviting all that are interested in working together and learning from each other. Self initiated projects are also welcome! Meals are communal and vegetarian (+fish) but strict vegans are accomadatable - just let me know. Help for any length of time will be more than appreciated, hobbies include kayaking and paragliding. I still don't have internet on my property - so the easiest way to contact me is by phone. We are very flexible and can accomodate different needs, but please bring your own sleeping bag. Can host up to 25 people, all are welcome. I would especially appreciate hard working, kind, fun loving individuals. There are several buses from Lisbon to Aljezur- to Carrapateira or Lisbon-Lagos -Villa do Bispo- to Carrapateira. Looking forward to working with you!!'
Host ID : POR061 SfCfNa2ArKyPhTtWgwbLefdpDsGbH5Y5M1Z10B6 - 9
Fig trees, almond trees, olive trees and carob trees. We are planning to make a part of the land as a rural tourist area, where people can stay in one of the 7 old houses of which a few are still ruins. For the last 20 years no maintenance has been done at all. So we can use a lot of help in cleaning old trees and in the summer picking the figs, carobs and almonds. But also gardening work can be part of it. You will have your own little cottage to stay. Beautiful nature for walks, or bike rides (we have two mountain bikes you can use). You can also go into the lively centre of Lagos to discover the nightlife. Or just go to one of the beautiful bays of Lagos to spent your days off.
Host ID : POR080 SfCfNa1c3ArKaPiTtWgawbLepDsY7
Location: On the banks of the Alqueva Dam (frontier between Portugal and Spain) 30km north of Reguengos de Monsaraz and 30km south of Alandroal. A privately owned bird reserve and 100ha farm currently consisting of 50 Angora Goats, 2 horses, olive grove and vast frontage of water. I would like motivated WWOOFers keen to help with farm work and general upkeep of running a farm. Offer own room and opportunity for self catering.
Host ID : POR093 SfCiArKnPiTtWgwbLepH4M1B1 - 12
25 hectare cork farm in south west Portugal, 15 mins from the sea. Located 10 mins from the town of Aljezur and 30 mins from Lagos. The lost valley that time had forgot! Three years on and its beginning to take shape thanks to some wonderful people that have found their way here. Still along way to go however and I would welcome any visitors with skills or without. The treehouse is finished and the olympic swimming lake full. New year projects include tree planting and a zen garden. Hoping also to rebuild main farmhouse in late spring. If you like nature and like the ocean this is a great place. Surfers in particular will love the consistant breaks nearby. Please get in touch and i can forward photos if required.
Host ID : POR147 SfNa2AvKnPhTtWgatLeDtH4Y5M1Z2B1 - 12
We are a small farm of 4.5 hectares in rural Alentejo. We have mainly cork oaks. We have raised beds for veg. and newly planted fruit trees. Chickens, ducks, cats, dogs, horses and a mule. We need help in all kinds of ways - planting; building; feeding and taking care of animals. Our place is quiet and beautiful. Solar power. Own water and a small pool to cool off in the summer. We would love you to come and help. We are not vegetarian. We can provide accommodation for max. 3 people.
Host ID : POR102 SfCfNa2AvKaPhLefgdGtbXsH6Y6M1B5-8E0
At the southeast of the Algarve, we live and work on a 4 ha. orchard with mainly citrus fruit but also apricot, olive, carob and nut trees and a vineyard. We also want to grow our own vegetables, we have the land, but not the time. The orchard is near a little village and 3 km's inland. There is one 4-person and one 3-person caravan available with kitchen, toilet and a view over the valley. We eat meat, drink a little alcohol only after work. If you'd like to help us with our orchard / kitchen-garden or/and like to help us with preparing a hen/rabbithouse you are very welcome at our Quinta.
Host ID : POR099 SfNa2AcvKaPhTtWgabLepDtGctH5Y4M4Z12B06 - 11E11 - 05
English couple require help on small organic quinta in central Portugal, close to Monsanto and Serra da Estrela mountains. Fruit, vegetables, olives and hens. Help needed June to November with gardening, land clearance and fencing etc. Also, ongoing renovation project with buildings. Basic facilities, so ideally suited to a self-sufficient person. Main meal provided and vegetarians catered for. Maximum length of stay, 3 months. Initial contact via email.
Host ID : POR100 SfNa1AvKaPhTtWgawLegpDtsH6Y6M4
We are small company of "bioligic agriculture and natural products" typical for this area, like honey, spirits, liquors. We have just started to run our farm again with livestock, 100 goats, pigs, chickens... So help is mainly needed in the daily treatment of the animals but also general work on the farm. The farm has got 8 ha and is situated in a beautiful landscape in the "Natural Park" of the "Serra da Estrela", bordered by a little river and surrounded by wild woods
Host ID : POR109 SfCfNa2c1AdrKyPhTtWgwbLefsipDtnGctbH7Y5M2Z6B2 - 11E12-1
Seven-hectare organic farm growing vegetables and fruit. Terraces with vines, olives and various fruit trees, surrounded by pine woods. Situated in the beautiful rolling countryside of central Portugal. Help particularly sought for spring planting and autumn harvest seasons. Hosts English and Italian; we also speak French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. We have a daughter, born December 2004, who enjoys meeting new people. We are developing infrastructures so building skills would also be valued. We provide good wholesome vegetarian food.
Host ID : POR111 SfCiNa1Av2KnPhTtWgbLedDsXsaH4Y5M1Z1
This newly aquired and neglected 2ha farm needs general land cleaning. About 150 fruit and olive trees need to be pruned after 7 years of growth. 7 Slate buildings need to be built up and plastered inside. Dense young pine forest has to be thinned out and wood sold. The 3 dams need cleaning out and leaks repaired. Watermill to be serviced. Whoever can help set up vegetable and herb gardens are most welcome. The aim is self sufficiency and earning money by selling farm products. Split and share any monies earned from selling products. Keeping goats, ducks and geese planned for the future so anyone with knowledge of this would be a god-send. In return I would gladly teach any of the crafts I practice, sewing, jam making, stained glass, fused glass, web design and more. Accounting lessons are also a possibility.
Host ID : POR114 SfCfNa4c3AcvKyPhTtWgawtcbLefDtGtbH5Y5M1
We are a family of five, plus gran and grandad. We used to be WWOOFers but now have lands of 100 acres with oranges, olives, figs etc. Need help with pruning, gardening, carpentry, building. Love music and creative ideas. We also have two lakes for swimming and fishing and when it gets hot we quite often jump into the old school bus and head to the beach for a dip or a surf. We are involved with reforestation projects for Algarve. Recently we have started a new project called conscious earth.Check out the website.
Host ID : POR118 SgNa2ArcKaPiTtWgwtbLeDtnXsH6Y5M1Z2
We'd like to be self-sufficient in fruit and veg.. and safe from forest fires.. but need help to achieve this! We have 2.5 hectares of orchards (mainly lemons and oranges), veg terraces and eucalyptus.. plus out buildings to renovate. Help needed with weeding, brush clearing, pruning, irrigating.. but other expertise can probably be utilised! One twin room, or bring your own tent or camper van. Would particularly suit two travelling together or an individual looking for time to themselves. We welcome others keen to work in harmony with this beautiful place. All meals vegetarian, usually eaten communally.
Host ID : POR120 SfCiNa1AcKaPhTtWgwtbLespDtnGctH6Y5M1Z4B2 - 7
Permaculture project on a 1/2 hectare plot with a stream running through it. Need help with gardening (using the biodynamic calendar) and building a 2 floor loadbearing strawbale house. Will be planting fruit and nut trees as part of a forest garden. Will be building a water tank up the hill with stone that will supply to the house and garden. This is all a big experiment in sustainability and self sufficiency. There are many instruments here, I compose music and enjoy playing with others. The plot is set in a beautiful tranquil valley surrounded by pines I have a vegan diet but can accommodate vegetarians, no problem.
Host ID : POR123 CfNa3c2AcvKnPhTtWgwLeDtXsaH6Y5M1
Help needed on our 7 hectare smallholding all year round. Helpers with gardening skills especially welcome in Spring plus strong energetic people with a love of the land. We have a goat, chickens, veg garden, orchard and vines on our terraced farm. Permaculture and bio-dynamic principles in practice. Ongoing projects and seasonal maintenance work. Helpers with sense of humour, common sense and easy going attitude plus willingness to help wherever needed are sought. Accommodation is in a wooden trailer. Helpers must supply their own work clothes, footwear, toiletries and towels.
Host ID : POR125 SfCcNa3c2AcvKaPhTtWgawtcbLegsdpDtGctH6Y6M4B3-10E12
A small organic farm and eco-campsite, run by Dutch and Portuguese people and 2 children. We grow medicinal herbs and vegetables. We run a School for Herbalism and an Organisation on Natural and Artistic Therapies. Main activities are on organic gardening, woodland maintenance, low-impact building, land-art and community building. People have recently started to create a new care-farm near the existing farm, where pioneer-work is needed. People seek as well for permanent community inhabitants!
Host ID : POR091 SfCfiNa4AdrcvKaPhTtWgbLepDtnGctbH6Y5B3-9-10E11-2
1\2 ha beautiful 400 yr old farm, 3 renovated houses, barns, large internal courtyard. Need help with vegetable garden, 30 young fruit trees, shrubs, plants and flowers; constructing bamboo fences and frameworks; dry stone walling; stone and timber repairs etc. We eat mostly vegetarian. We have an excellent compost toilet and good facilities. Good extended local community. Jugglers welcome. 3 valleys meet with stream and fonte. Surrounded by olive grove, small arable fields, natural woods. Lush green region with rivers Mondego and Alva for swimming and canoeing. Pine and ecalyptus forests. The sea side at Figeria da Foz is 1 hour away.
Host ID : POR076 SfCfNa2c2ArKaPtTtWgawLepDtnsGcH8Y6M2Z6
1/2 ha farm, growing organic vegetables, herbs, chicken and ducks. Located at ecological area, 5 minutes from the beach, 25 km away from Lisbon. Help needed all year round in the garden, with the animals and restoring. Accommodation with bathroom and food are provided. Friendly, positive attitude WWOOFers only.
Host ID : POR068 SfCfNa2ArKnPhTtWgawbLespDtGcH6Y5M2Z4B1-5E6-9
Small organic sheep and olive farm 4 km from the town of Elvas. We also have a small hill farm near Castelo de Vide with rural tourism. Beautiful surroundings ideal for walking. General farm work including gardening, manuring, pruning, stone walling, sheep care, painting and building maintenance. Comfortable accommodation and home cooking.
Host ID : POR054 SfCfNa2c3AcKaPhTtWgawtcbLeDtnsGtH6Y6M2Z6
We are a home-educating English family (children 16 and 13 years) and moved to this beautiful 2ha quinta in May 2003. We are south-facing and have stunning views of two mountain ranges. We are slowly rebuilding / renovating the house and creating an organic smallholding. We would welcome help with a variety of jobs throughout the year and can offer good food and camping with very basic facilities. We have 3 horses so if you have experience (natural horsemanship a bonus) then some riding is usually possible. More info on our website.
Host ID : POR022 SgCfNa2c3AdrcKaPiTtWgatcbLefpDtGcH8Y5M4B1-12
Small family run guest lodge set in idyllic isolated lakeside position promoting an organic and sustainable approach to life. We are looking for help in all areas of our operation, including vegeatable garden, flower and fruit garden, bar work, waiting and waitressing, kitchen assistant, water-sports, maintenance etc.Use solar energy, recycling waste water. Can teach alternative energies, building, nature conservation, small business organisation, cooking and history. We have dogs, a cat, chickens and ducks. We hope to learn from you as well as you learning from us.
Host ID : POR035 SgCfNa2c1ArvKyPiTtWgawtcbLeDsH5Y5M1Z52B3-5, 9-11
English couple living rustic lifestyle in the Serras of Central Portugal. Happy to accommodate willing workers all year round. Various jobs; maintaining woodlands, river banks, carpentry, building, fruit, veg and flower beds, landscaping, childminding etc. We have dogs, cats and free range ducks and chickens. Beautiful surroundings, walks and swimming. Accommodation in caravans or traditional stone cottage with own kitchen. Children from 4+ years OK.
Host ID : POR040 CfNa2c3ArcvKyPhTtWgbLefdpDtsGtXsH7Y4M2Z12
Beautiful 18th C quinta in SE Portugal (Algarve) close to Lagos and 1.5km from the sea, active in rural tourism on a small scale. Described by some guests as 'Paradise, that is, paradise before Adam and Eve decided to eat from the wrong tree...' We need help with: pruning (old almond, fig and olive trees), brush clearing, painting, carpentry, making dry stone walls and steps, building etc. While restoring our quinta we are gradually turning the 6 ha of land into an ecologically friendly estate. We wish to reshape and expand the orchard, to get a small live stock beside the horses and pets and to develop organic farming to provide for our family, guests and friends. Planning integrated workshops and art. Max. 4 persons. Children welcome. Guesthouse / tipi available. Help sought year round.
Host ID : POR148 SfNa2AcvKnPhTtWgwtbLefgDtnGtH6Y6B3 - 11
One hectare organic farm growing vegetables and fruit - no animals. Work required in the garden, forest and land clearing, pruning, composting etc. Beautiful part of Portugal. Use of cararavan for two, and/or tipi.
Host ID : POR144 SgNa2ArKaPhTtfWgtbLefgDsGctXsH6Y4M1B1-12
Small organic quinta near Silves in the Algarve. Work will be expanding our small market garden, looking after the surrounding property, mostly citrus orchard, and projects in alternative building and energy techniques, e.g. solar composting toilet. Gardening and building knowledge would be an asset, but not necessary, we are looking for versatile, physically capable, fun people interested in a simple healthy life style. Must be okay with pets - we have 4 dogs, 5 cats. Help needed all year round. Accomodation for one two, newly built cosy wood cabin with woodheater and camp kitchen. Bedding and towels are supplied, laundry facilities provided. We are a German language teacher and west coast Canadian artist/ carpenter /gardener, we moved here 8 years ago. The weather here is hot in the summer, the winter is mostly mild with sun most days but we can have some cold nights.
Host ID : POR145 SgCfNa2c1ArcvKaPhTtWgwcbLepDtnsGcbH5Y5M1Z1
Hi we live on a small farm in Portugal, with olives and vines, in a beautiful area by the river Ceira. We have finished the building and the irrigation system is in place and its time to get the garden started. I work as a home birth midwife, Olly does odd jobs and Jacob 12 studies at home. We have a dog and 2 cats. We look forward to meeting motivated, fun people with gardening skills and carpentry skills and creativity a big plus. We are looking for short term, and for right couple/person long term. Hope to hear from you!
Host ID : POR141 SfgCfNa2ArKaPhWgwLefsDsGcXsH6Y5M2Z10B03 -10E11-2
Old farm of 3 ha on a beautiful close to a little village On a Natural Park not far from the sea Not far from Sintra, Estoril/Cascais and Lisbon Organic agriculture for tourism activity (Bed and Breakfast). We produce organic vegetables and fruits. We offer an ideal and welcoming atmosphere for enjoying a holiday or a business trip, or as a starting point for exploring Portugal and even Europe historical Sintra, the cosmopolitan Estoril/Cascais and Lisbon Region, Mafra, Arrábida, Évora, Fatima and Coimbra There are many attractions in the farm and nearby: old monuments and museums, beautiful beaches excellent for surfing, body board; fantastic walking in the cliffs and the forest, twelve golf courses, a casino, many restaurants from the five star to the bistro type, bars, nightclubs, marina, racetrack, art, music and dance festivals.
Host ID : POR130 SfgCfNa2c1AcKyPiTtWgawcbLegpDtnsH4Y5M2
4 h farm in the mountains of Portugal. Organic gardening, planting trees, land clearing all year. Horses, stablework, cutting hay in summer. We speak German, English, Portuguese. accommodation in yurt w/bed, kitchen and woodburner, kids welcome, no dogs and drugs please. Vegetarian, vegan food possible minimum work 4hrs daily, own transport advisable.
Host ID : POR134 SgCfNa2c3AdrcvKaPhTtWgawbLefgdDtGctbXsH4Y5M8Z26B9-5E6-8
House with 2 ha needs help in gardening / revitalisation of figs, orange, lemon, walnut, trees and constructing a new irrigation system. Minimum stay 2 months. Located near SAPAL in Algarve (national protected park )
Host ID : POR135 SfgCfiNa4c3AvKnPhTtWgawcbLeDsH8Y5M1Z12B2 - 11E12 - 1
55 acres of woodland and terraced pasture-land with olive trees. Ducks from which we hope to breed. We have yet to build a greenhouse and a hen-house, and need help to do this. We grow our own vegetables. Help is needed all year round with the woodland, pasture-land, vegetable growing and gardens. There is ALWAYS loads to do !!
Host ID : POR150 SfgCfNa2c2AdKnPthTtWgtbLespDtnGcH8Y5M12Z24B9-6E7-8
2 ha farm overlooking bay of capitol of Madeira island. Organic vegetables, orchard and chickens help needed for all round handy work, farming and gardening.
Host ID : POR156 SfCfNa2c1AdcKyPiTtWgawtcbLefgdDtGtH8Y5M4Z12B1-12
Host ID : POR113 SgNa2ArKnPhTtWgLeDtGbXsH5Y6M1Z3
6 km from Valenca and 7 km from Spain and river Minho. 25 mins from Vigo. Friendly easygoing English host of retired age with younger Asian wife. We eat meat, however vegetarians are most welcome. Newly acquired small holding with a high standard of accomodation. Help required, includs land clearance, general gardening, pruning fruit trees. Assisting with renovation of adjacent old stones ruin. Free internet access. Pictures and full details on our web site. You can see what you get. ALL COMMUNICATION TO BE DONE BY E-MAIL OR PHONE.
Host ID : POR074 SfCfNa2c3AcKnPhTtWgLefspDtGtbH5Y6M1B4-9E10-3
Farm with 6ha, located by the sea, 40km from Lisbon. We are a family with 3 children age 16, 14 and 11. We produce organic vegetables and fruits. We need help for planting and collecting, we can provide tents and bikes. Our farm is 3km from the beach. We can meet WWOOFers in Lisbon and take them to the farm.
Host ID : POR131 SgCfNa2c3AcvKyPhTtWgawcbLegGtb
German family, 3children, are living in the middle of Portugal for 1.5 years. Our land is ca.1h, lot of fruit trees. The land is on a little river (Rio de Alge) ca.50km; to Coimbra and 60km. to the Atlantic, 2,5km to next village. Work: clearing land, planting, picking fruits, renovation of the buildings and cots for animals, creation of water recycling system,... there is a lot to do... We have 3 goats, chickens, cat and dogs. In our caravan could live 2 to 5 (family/friends) persons.
Host ID : POR104 SfNa2AcKnPhTtWgawtbLespDtsGtbH5Y6M1B4 - 6E12 - 3
This surf and yoga retreat is looking for motivated woofers.Our rustic (safari style) tented surf camp is on 16 acres, minutes from excellent surfing beaches. We are building an ecological, self sustaining yoga and surf retreat. People with specific skills particualy welcome but we also like keen willing workers. We have views to the ocean, a river below and a stunning location within a natural park. We are looking for intelligent, creative, easygoing people who are motivated and can work unsupervised. People staying with us are considered as valuable members of the team and are encouraged to contribute in all aspects from construction,landscaping,design,gardening and creative thinking.Please telephone me if possible but i sometimes i recieve no phone signal on the property,otherwise just email me.Ideal for surfers,outdoor enthusiasts and yogis alike. see website for more info.
Host ID : POR151 SfCfNa2ArcKnPhTtWgawLefsH8Y5M16Z52
100 ha olive farm, olive press, sheep, vegetable garden, forest project. Converting to biodynamics. Help needed for vegetable garden mostly but for other general jobs too. Accomodation and food provided
Host ID : POR050 CfNa2c2ArvKaPhTtWgbLefDtGcbH8Y5M4B3-10E1,2
Former Spa with farmland (7.5 ha). Olive and fruit trees, vegetable garden The complex is under reconstruction and we need help with building, gardening, painting, etc. We can cater vegetarian food. We speak Dutch, French, German, English and Portuguese. Normally we work with a small team of volunteers (2 till 6 persons). Accommodation: caravans (3), individual rooms (4). Minimum length of stay: 4 weeks.
Host ID : POR117 SgCfNa2c3AcKaPiTtWgawbLegpGbM1Z4B10-5E6-9
10 ha farm in S-Portugal near ocean of Vila Nova de Milfontes. Organic agriculture for tourism activity (Bed and Breakfast and restaurant during summer). Animals: donkeys, sheep, ostriches and a horse. Strong need of creating and keeping a garden but our little knowledge in gardening and the busy life we have doesn´t allow us to create it by ourselves. From January to May. Offer: food, bicycle, share a car (if driver´s license),we can not offer lodging, we are in construction, tent or mobilhome welcome. Prefer WWOOFers to write at least two weeks in advance.
Host ID : POR112 SfCiNa2ArKaPiTtWaLegdpDsH6Y6M4B11-08
10 ha goat farm with 120 goats. Help needed for milking and cheese making and treating the goats. We are living quite isolated in the mountain approx 50 Km east of Coimbra. Nearest large village is 15 Km - Gois or Arganil. There is no electricity, milking machine, cooling fan, etc is run by a generator with solar energy for the house.
Host ID : POR155 SfCiNa1AcvKaPhTtWgawtbLefDtnsGcH4Y5M1B9 - 11
Help needed on small organic farm in mid Portugal throughout the year particularly early September for harvesting grapes and November for olives but plenty of general maintainance at all times,inc wooding! Farm has a variety of fruit trees and a small vegetable garden. Applicants must be able to get on with dogs, cats and chickens this is not a vegetarian house, but can cater for such types! and vegan! Ideally looking for responsible applicants with some experience and not afraid of a bit of hard work,with a good s o h!
Host ID : POR142 CfNa2AcKnPhTtfWgawtbLeDtGtbH6Y5M1Z4B3-9E10-2
We live on 4.5 Ha of land in central Portugal. The land has had no one farming it for about 30 years! It is steeply terraced and severly overgrown. There are many old olive trees and vines, which we are trying to restore. We are currently clearing the land and rebuilding the stone terrace walls (some have collapsed) with a view to running it as an organic small holding. Oh and we have two dogs!
Host ID : POR002 SfCfNa2c3ArKnPhTtWgwbLepDtH6Y6M2Z52B6 - 10
16 acre organic fig and olive farm in C Portugal with 400 trees plus vegetable garden and greenhouse. Residential centre for music and other courses. Flexible WWOOFers needed at all times, both short and especially long term. Separate comfortable accommodation, swimming pool set in beautiful surroundings. I would also like someone to be here for at least 6 months in order to give the continuity of a season through from preparation to harvesting.


Virtual Portugal

Another item from the sidebar. This site reminds me of what I imagine a Micheline, Lonely Planet or Let's Go guidebook would be like online. It's an okay way to see some pictures and read some text about various parts of Portugal. Check it out and let me know what you think. Are there other online guidebooks that you like? that you think are more useful? Let me know.


Tamera: Healing Biotope

Now Tamera is sporting a more polished looking website. I love it! It looks great and the user interface is much more friendly. The moment I saw it I smiled and glanced to te sidebar and saw,immediately a few items I wanted to explore.

The first one I went to, of course was: Solar Village. Naturally. ;)

DO visit their revamped site and explore for yourself. Let me know what gems YOU find there.



Wikipedia is being created simultaneously in several languages. It has become a very common reference for many active internet user in the US. I'm not sure how popular it is outside of the US.

Portugal is a signator of to the Schengen Agreement. Here are the other members (a copy and paste from Wikipedia)

* 14 June 1985 - Belgium, France, West Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands
* 3 October 1990 - (German reunification brings in the former East Germany)
* 27 November 1990 - Italy
* 25 June 1992 - Portugal, Spain
* 6 November 1992 - Greece
* 28 April 1995 - Austria
* 19 December 1996 - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, or the Nordic countries. Through the Nordic Council, they have an even more permissive agreement on internal movement of persons.
* 29 May 2000 - Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom (both countries limited membership only)
* 1 May 2004 - Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
* 16 October 2004 - Switzerland (ratified by referendum on 5 June 2005)
* 1 January 2007 - Bulgaria, Romania

This is a map, that shows the members.The palest of colors are nations that are not members.


Tasca da Elvira

When I am hungry I go to this site and look at the pictures, savor, then swallow. It helps. These recipes and photographs re THAT delicious. I can eat them without lifting a finger.

It may be written in French. Because I am familiar with a few languages when I read I sometimes don't remember what language I was reading in, particularly if I am storing in English.

Anyway if you are hungry drop by and feast!


TransPortgal Mountain Bike Race

This picture like all the others in this particular post comes from an album at

When I see pictures like these and glance at the ages of the participants I feel inspired.

The race ends on Sunday 17 June. I'll publish the results as they become available to me.

It looks like the terrain was pretty rough in spots and the weather at times challenging.

I read about one person who had to stop due to a flat tire and then had to remove countless thorns form his tires, one by one, before continuing.

The course spans Portugal however I haven't located a map of the race yet. It may indeed span the length--north to south--as I read somewhere on the net.

From what I understand they bikers bike all day and bath and sleep at night along the way.

It would be fabulous to have a guest house that could host all or part of this group.

Yes, my place in Portugal will be very close to some marvelous thoroughfare not intended for big trucks and bottom line commerce.

From the pics I imagine that there are many rural opportunities awaiting us in Portugal. I am thankful to a previous commenter that reminded me that I am not of the opinion that there is anything particularly noble or virtuous or quaint about poverty.

However, of course for me to be without a car, a television or a connection to a sewer would not be poverty.

Surely I can have food, water, shelter, elasticity, potable water and sanitation without being "developed" and without being impoverished either. I don't intend to romanticize poverty. I think I just have a different idea about what material assets are important and which material assets cause more harm than good.

Development for me has meant for me short term for the few at the expense of the many and long term waste and destruction for all. The actually development I am interested in is that which supports individual and community self sufficiency in a sustainable manner , not at the detriment of the individual, the community or the planetary environment that we all breathe.

Now back the race.


Extreme Biking in Algarve


Expat Exchange

This site is colorful and has the framework to hold lots of information about relocating to countries all over the world. Unfortunately when I took a look at the "Moving & Relocating" section on the "Portugal Network" page it was empty.

In addition to having lots of pictures and a good foundational framework it seems that if you have information that you want to share you can add it to the site. For example if you have something to sell or you have job to offer someone or if you are looking for a place to rent or for employment, etc.

Bardia let me know that the "post-to-the-future" feature was no longer working. Too bad. Anyway I will be moving this blog to private hosting and it will be on a Word Press platform so there I can actually upload posts and schedule their actual publication. Okay, now that I've posted for 12, 14, 16, I'll work myself backwards to 10, 8, 4. 6 looks like it was already done. ;)

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Mata de Sesimbra

"In partnership with developer Pelicano, One Planet Living has launched its Pioneer Project at Mata de Sesimbra in Portugal, a €1.1 billion investment to:

build 8,000 zero-carbon, zero-waste eco-homes, hotels, shops and community facilities for up to 30,000 people;

return to native woodland 4,800 hectares of degraded logging plantations and quarries in a €120 million replanting and conservation scheme;

create a €90 million sustainable public transport network for the region, and provide hybrid eco-shuttles, free bicycles and car clubs on-site;

support the local economy by training and accrediting local farmers under a "OPL Producers" labelling scheme;

promote the growth of new high-tech eco-businesses, including Europe's first factory for sustainable construction materials;

support urban regeneration in neighboring low-income areas; and

generate funds to help recover the country's most endangered species through a 'green levy' on house sales and hotel stays.

The partnership with local developers, local and national authorities and environmental groups will create the world's first independently audited sustainable community. The project is expected to create 11,000 jobs. we've got to read the rest to find out the time frame for such an abitons and worthwhile project!


Quinta das Albelhas

Quinta das Abelhas (Honeybee Farm) was a 2 hectare organic smallholding situated in the ‘green heart’ of the Beiras region of central Portugal.

Actually it's probably still the same 2 hectacre smallholding it's just that ownership has changed. I'm not sure what the new homestead is called. The place this couple had their eye on in the beginning became available so they bought it and put this Quinta das Albelhas on the market.

This expat family from Britain has been living continuously in Portugal since 2003.

To stay in touch check out their blog (online diary) for news and updates.

They are WWOOF Independents hosts (no: POR054).


Annonymous Contribution


PELAS 21.00 Horas

O filme português “Waiting for Europe”, realizado por Christine Reeh e produzido pela C.R.I.M Produções, vai ter uma estreia-debate, com a presença da realizadora, em Sesimbra, no Cine-Teatro Municipal João Mota, dia 16 de Junho, ás 21.00 horas, com o apoio da Câmara Municipal de Sesimbra.

Participam no painel-debate, para além da realizadora Christine Reeh, o Dr. Rui Marques, Alto Comissário para a Imigração e Minorias Étnicas, a Dra. Inês Fontinha, Secretária Geral do Ninho, a Dra. Eva Bacelar, da Procuradoria Geral da República e Presidente da Secção Portuguesa do Congresso dos Antigos Funcionários da União Europeia, a Dra. Marina Kolarova, da Associação Portugal-Bulgari, o Prof. Jorge Malheiros, da Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa e a Dra. Maria Cristina Santinho, do ISCTE.

A C.R.I.M Produções, abriu um concurso de crítica ao filme, aberto a estudantes do ensino secundário e superior, e o Banco Espirito Santo, abriu um concurso de crítica ao filme, para imigrantes.

“Waiting for Europe” (À Espera da Europa”), ganhou o Best International Documentary no Festival "The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival" (apresentação de Los Angeles) e está seleccionado para a competição em Nova Iorque, em Julho, e, também para a competição do European Documentary Film Contest (Huesca).

O filme rodado em Lisboa, Alcalá de Henares, Sofia e Blavoegrado, acompanhou durante dois anos, Vânia, uma imigrante do leste europeu em Portugal e Espanha. Trata-se de um retrato intimista sobre a imigração feminina.

“Waiting for Europe”, rodado em três países, Portugal, Espanha e Bulgária, foi produzido com o apoio do Instituto de Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimedia (ICAM), da RTP, do Ministério da Cultura, dos Médicos do Mundo, da Universidade de Alcalá de Henares , da Universidade Fernando Pessoa, da Câmara Municipal de Blavoegrado, do Instituto de Cinema Búlgaro, da PROFILM (Bulgária) e da Associação Aibebalcan em Espanha.

O ACIME (Alto Comissariado para a imigração e Minorias Étnicas), o Banco BES ( /novos residentes), a Federação Portuguesa dos Cineclubes, Associação Bulgari, e as câmaras municipais, colaboram nas estreias-debate a realizar em Portugal.
A Universidade de Alcalá de Henares, vai promover um conjunto de estreias-debate do “Waiting for Europe, em colaboração com outras Universidades espanholas.

As últimas estreias-debate do filme, foram realizadas, no Auditório da Faculdade de Ciências Socias e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Centro de Estudos de Migrações e Minorias Étnicas) a 3 de Maio, em Monção a 27 de Abril, em Vila Real de Santo António, no Centro Cultural António Aleixo, a 26 de Maio.

O filme foi ainda estreado no Luxemburgo, a 8 de Maio, na Cinemateca de Luxemburgo, numa iniciativa conjunta da ASTI (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés) e da Cidade de Luxemburgo, com o apoio das duas centrais sindicais, da Associação de Amigos do 25 de Abril e ainda de associações de imigrantes portuguesas e búlgaras.

A revista "Cinema" da Federação Portuguesa dos Cineclubes, na sua edição Abril-Junho, nº37, publica um dossier sobre o "Waiting for Europe", que inclui uma entrevista a Christine Reeh, um artigo de André Martins, uma critica de Marta Mikolajczak, filmóloga polaca e um texto crítico de Paulo Duarte Teixeira, Presidente da Associação Jurídica do Porto e Magistrado Judicial. Na capa, Christine Reeh.

C.R.I.M Produções

Tuesday, 12 June, 2007
Anonymous said...


A C.R.I.M Produções decidiu abrir um concurso de crítica ao filme “Waiting for Europe”(À Espera da Europa), filme documentário criativo que aborda a problemática da imigração do Leste Europeu para Portugal e Espanha, aberto a estudantes do ensino secundário e superior com o objectivo de estimular a crítica de cinema entre estudantes.
O filme vai ser estreado em diversas localidades do País até Setembro de 2007. Os estudantes dessas localidades estão convidados a assistir ao filme (com entrada gratuita) e poderão remeter as suas críticas até 30 de Setembro de 2007.
As melhores críticas serão publicadas na página ( ou na imprensa.


1. Todos os estudantes interessados em participar no concurso de crítica “Waiting for Europe”, estão convidados(entrada gratuita) a assistir ás estreias-debate com a presença da realizadora Christine Reeh.

2. As críticas ao filme podem ser remetidas para e devem ter no máximo 3000 caracteres. Devem ser assinadas por pseudónimo, embora os concorrentes remetam paralelamente pelo correio para Crim Produções, Av. Almirante Reis, nº221, 1º Esqº- 1000-049, Lisboa. O texto impresso em A4, acompanhado de um envelope fechado que contenha, o nome do concorrente, o nome da sua escola, o seu nº de bilhete de identidade, a sua morada e um número de telefone ou telemóvel. Só serão aceites em concurso as críticas enviadas nestas condições e remetidas até 30 de Setembro de 2007.

3. O júri do concurso será constituido por um representante da C.R.I.M Produções, uma personalidade de reconhecido valor da cultura portuguesa e será presidido por um crítico de cinema da imprensa diária.

4. O concurso atribuirá um primeiro prémio no valor de 500 euros para a melhor crítica concorrente e um dvd com a série de 4 filmes “Outros sonhos” da realizadora Christine Reeh.

5. O concurso atribuirá ainda 20 segundos prémios que consistirão na oferta de um Dvd do Filme “Waiting for Europe”(À Espera da Europa)

6. O resultado do concurso será anunciado após a reunião do júri em 20 de Dezembro de 2007.

7. As críticas enviadas serão publicadas, pela ordem e pela data de entrada, com pseudónimo na página ( A partir do anúncio dos resultados do concurso, as críticas serão publicadas com o nome do autor, salvo se houver indicação em contrário.

8. A organização do concurso publicará todas as críticas desde que mantenham padrões minímos de qualidade.


Working & Living in Portugal

This book, Working & Living in Portugal, is a great way to start formulating your game plan to move to Portugal. Highly recommended.

Here are the customer reviews from Amazon

This is not the most complete book on living and working in Portugal but deserves full marks for what it is, a very clear and concise guide. It was my first read on the matter and gave me an excellent starting point. Specially good are the chapters Portugal Today and Living in Portugal. I strongly recommend it to anyone at the initial stages of considering a move to Portugal.

very practical4
This is a very practical guide to planning a move to Portugal, delving deep into details about Portuguese life, work ethic, extracurricular hobbies, economic logistics, etc. My only criticism is that the author only very timidly broaches the issue that you can't very readily make a decent living wage in Portugal. This is much more upfront in almost ALL of the case study interviews- where they recommend getting a UK-based job with UK salary rate vs. picking up a Portuguese job.

Comprehensive and useful5
This book starts with a very readable introduction and gradually leads you in from 'first steps' through to permits, banking, taxes, you name it. It goes as far as getting Portuguese nationality. Like other books, it has 'profiles' of the different regions in the country, but in a good balance with other (and more relevant) information you seek in this kind of book. Information on actually living and working in the country is very practical and the references for further reading are good. As the icing on the cake, the book includes topics like etiquette. This is not the first book I bought but is by far superior to my first attempt. I did not know about this book at the time. I hope others can benefit from my trial and error route and go straight to a good buy.


Public & Banking Holidays

01 Jan New Year's Day
20 Feb Shrove Tuesday (Carnival)
05 Apr Maundy Thursday (afternoon)
06 Apr Good Friday
09 Apr Easter Monday (banks actually open)
25 Apr Liberation Day
01 May Labor Day
07 Jun Corpus Christi Day
10 Jun Portugal Day
13 Jun St Anthony's Day (only in Lisbon)
24 Jun St John's Day (Porto only)
15 Aug The Assumption of Our Lady
05 Oct Founding of the Republic
01 Nov All Saints
01 Dec Restoration of Independence
08 Dec Immaculate Conception
24 Dec Christmas Eve (Banks only)
25 Dec Christmas Day


Disillusionment & Hope

Today I was looking for the experience of expats in Portugal and came across the blog of a young man, self described as male and very young. He's from Iowa. Here is an excerpt of what he wrote.

His blog titled Richochet presents a post called "Fooled by Stone" dated May 15 2007. I wonder if he is traveling now.

He writes:

I came to the TAGV (Teatro Academico Gil Vilcente) with the intent of studying, but that quickly faded. [...} In spite of how frustrated i let myself become here at times, academically and socially and with my still constant tendencies of self destruction...I still feel as though I could come straight back in the fall after an Iowa break if I had the funds.

So the dreamy plan that has been paying throughout my mind is to finish the music degree at uni, work at year at jobs and music in des moines as I live with my parents, then return to Portugal... either enrolling in language courses at a Lisboa University, or at a jazz program also within that city. I only have three actual Portuguese friends here, the connections with all never blossoming like I dreamed before...but I still have a handful of contacts, and I will be a few years older and wiser, perhaps better apt for expat wandering and a fresh displacement. There's something about this country that I enjoy even though I'm never completely comfortable, and even though I have no striking interests in the smaller towns.

What might YOU do in his position? What would you like to THINK that you would do? Please visit his site and read the post in its entirety in the context of his blog.

Photograph by Jennifer


Expat Life in Portugal

This photo comes form shared photos at Flickr. For some reason exporting it directly from there to here was not possible so I'll be crediting the photographer in this post shortly.
In May I was busy elsewhere however this month of June I will be posting here regularly in the present there future and the past.
Blogger has a nifty feature that allows publication into the future. Check my "how to MMOL" site on Friday. I'll be publishing instructions with screen shots of how o publish into the future. I found a lovely site which I think is worth checking out. I will be linking it to my side bar at Leave America.

Do enjoy these articles from Shelter Offshore: Living Abroad

Should You Retire to Portugal?

Living in Portugal with Children

Living Life in Rural Portugal

What’s it Like Living in Lisbon, Portugal?

Summer Jobs in Portugal

Living in Madeira Portugal

Working in Portugal

Cost of Living in Portugal

Education System in Portugal

Health Care in Portugal

Moving to Portugal

Guide to Portugal


Pure Portugal

Pure Portugal seems to be a site where you can find property for sale and for rent and also a place where you can advertise your place for sale for rent.

I thought these structures were interesting. At these prices I wonder what is included: material, labor, land? Humm, maybe not the land.

What do you think of these exterior designs? Does anybody know if these prices include the land and utility hook-up?

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Blog Your Dreams True

Clean up your act & get on with your life! Them sounds like fighting words! Well they are meant to be encouraging and getting you headed in the right direction toward a healthy lifestyle.

Reading about heroes daily is another way to be inspired unless of course you have a divas approach to life and work!

In that case, you need not rock your world today, you can ease into it with a personal blog, an online journal built on a platform similar to the one you are reading now.

It seems as if Jennifer takes everyday pictures, everyday. Parenting humor, things that parents can appreciate, is a popular topic to blog about. Sometimes there is no “theme” other than, you know, “a day in the life of”.

To get a blog is a cinch. Just go to Word Press or Blogger and sign up. There is absolutely no need to be techno savvy, web development knowledgeable, or even know what social media optimization is! (However having access to some computer tips and a site like this will serve you well.)

Relax, sure you can work on that million dollar project or decide to share your articles on an article directory, but first it starts with a blog and a dream:

Have you ever thought about taking a trip to Norway, Bhutan, Portugal , rural India or some other exotic place? Ah, someday. What if today is that day?

Original Posted at my MMOL blog. ;)


Lowest Suicide Rate in Europe

This seems indicative of the kind of attitude I like! Portugal seems to have the lowest rate of suicide in Europe per 100,000 capita. Asia, Australia, New Zealand have relatively much higher rates.


Luggage OnLine

Massive Solar Power Plant Inaugurated

It's a great contribution. I'd say Portugal has the "right" attitude!

The world's largest-producing solar power plant was inaugurated Wednesday in Portugal.

The 11-megawatt, 61 million euro ($78.5 million) plant, a joint project of U.S energy companies GE Energy Financial Services, PowerLight Corporation, and Portuguese renewable energy company Catavento, spreads across a 150-acre hillside in Serpa, 124 miles southeast of Lisbon.

Southern Portugal, one of the sunniest places in Europe, has as much as 3,300 hours of sunlight a year.

The new plant will produce enough power to supply 8,000 homes and will also prevent the emission of 30,000 tons of greenhouse gases a year when compared to fossil fuels.

The photovoltaic system it uses employs silicon solar cell technology to convert sunlight directly into electricity. It will produce 20 gigawatt hours of power per year.

Construction of the plant began in June 2006. It started working partially in January 2007.

The facility is owned by GE Energy Financial Services, and will be operated and maintained by PowerLight, which also designed it. Management services will be undertaken by Catavento, which developed the project.

"This project is successful because Portugal's sunshine is plentiful, the solar power technology is proven, government policies are supportive, and we are investing ... to help our customers meet their environmental challenges," said Kevin Walsh, managing director and leader of renewable energy at GE Energy Financial Services.

"This is the most productive solar plant in the world, it will produce 40 percent more energy than the second largest one, Gut Erlasse in Germany," said Howard Wenger principal of Powerlight.

Piero Dal Maso, co-CEO of Catavento, said the project "serves as a beacon to the world to show how to overcome challenges of scale and complexity." Co-CEO Rui Pimenta said he hoped the government would clear remaining roadblocks "so solar power can truly radiate across Portugal."

Portugal is almost entirely dependent on imported energy, but is developing large wave and solar power projects and building wind farms to supply energy to some 750,000 homes.

It also is exploring new hydropower projects and plans to invest 8 billion euros ($10.8 billion) in renewable energy projects over the next five years.

Prime Minister Jose Socrates said in January that his Socialist government wanted 45 percent of Portugal's total power consumption to come from renewable sources by 2010.

Though it is a 12-megawatt plant, Gut Erlasse solar park in Bavaria produces less electricity because it is located at a higher latitude with less sun.