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Expats Amuse Me
9 Feb 2007
I've never ever wanted to be thought of one or lumped in with them. A couple of days ago I noticed I'd had several searches for expats in Portugal. Then yesterday I found a referral from Expats Portugal and naturally I checked it out. ...

Why ex-pats are always buying new vacuums.
20 Mar 2007 by Riorose
Since I left Portugal I have not replaced my toaster and we have exactly one miserable lamp in the house. . . . . Just in case we move back to Europe. The miserable lamp! Note where we used cellophane tape to place the control switch on ...

Five arrested after brutal attacks on Faro expats
2 Feb 2007
Expatriates living on the Algarve in Portugal will hope to sleep easier this weekend after five men were arrested in connection with a series of brutal attacks that have terrorised the community since May 2006. ...

10/2/07 - Yamato
9 Feb 2007
In 2004, we went to 23 countries from January to September, Qatar, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, slovene, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, and Holland.We had just 100 peformance. In Nobember we went to Mexico ...

2 Mar 2007
Ex-pats Starts on Sat, 3 Mar 2007 00:06:46 GMT. I'ma scottish guy, living in Portugal for 10 years.... Any interesting people out there :-)
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8 Great International Getaways
10 Feb 2007 by Alexis
Don’t miss the Bolhau food market or the Torre dos Clerigos, Portugal’s highest belfry tower. From the top, you’ll get great views over the jumbled cityscape of churches, bridges, and red-roofed houses. ...

18 Feb 2007 by heather
She’s a fellow expat but we’re not friends because we’re expats nor because we’re bloggers but we’re friends because of all the illogical reasons that people become friends. On the surface we would appear to have absolutely nothing in ...

Role Reversal
23 Jan 2007 by Cheryl
Last night I watched a show on German television called “Goodbye, Deutschland”, about Germans who live and work in other countries (German “expats”). Naturally, they face in countries such as Portugal and Greece challenges similar to ...

Uncapped three included by Serbia ( Mar 2007
Serbia coach Javier Clemente has included a majority of young players including three debutants in his 22-man squad for Euro 2008 qualifiers against Kazakhstan on March 24 and Portugal on March 28.

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