Many Thanks to Ugyen!

Crowded train
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I've been without a personal vehicle now and I really don't want to own one again, unless of course I co-own it with others and it runs on 100% electricity or 100% fuel that we can make from waste vegetable oil! In all likelihood I will stay near the sea for much of the time in Portugal its so dramatic and abrupt and raw and beautiful all at once.

Today Ugyen showed me a wonderful way to do research online. It's a technique that he employs with several of his blog platform sites. Check this one out which features articles about internet marketing, online business, technology, Linnux, Apple and gadgets (or as my dad likes to say "gadgetry." Yeah as soon as my dad has a site I'll link to that too. He's a great writer and can make up a word just for fun!). I'm going to use it to help me answer some of my "burning questions" about life in Portugal. I encourage any of you readers who might actually be in Portugal or have an opinion or correction about my take on things to give me a Skype call or write to me...did I put my email address somewhere? I'll write it somewhere in the sidebar. You can use it to find me on Skype , too.

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ugyen said...

Hey.. that was so sweet of you.. really appreciate your effort, and that thanks note too!! wish you good luck, and your blog is worth reading!!