Weather in Portugal

Weather I Like
Outdoor avg temp 70 degrees Fahrenheit/ 21 degrees Celsius
No freezing in the last two centuries

When doing research on the weather I was impressed with the variety of climates and geography. Temperature-wise visiting Lisbon between May and October would suit me fine, or at least that's my interpretation of the charts I found at MSN Encarta News & Weather.

In terms of freezing, well it does snow in Portugal but not all over Portugal so if I chose my spots wisely, south of the river Tar I should be in pretty good shape.

An excerpt from Encarta online:

"Portugal has a maritime temperate climate that varies according to elevation and proximity to the ocean. The heaviest precipitation occurs in northern Portugal. The northern coast receives about 152 cm (about 60 in) of rain annually. Rainfall increases with altitude, and the western slopes of the northern mountains receive about 2,300 mm (about 90 in) annually—the heaviest rainfall in western Europe. Precipitation decreases toward the south, and in the extreme south, in Algarve, rainfall averages only about 38 cm (about 15 in) a year.Weather-wise Portugal works for me. ;)

This is a handy dandy chart if you, like me, aren't used to degrees centigrade. Just type in the temperature in the appropriate field and hit return. The second box will show the corresponding equivalent in the desired units. This chart comes from here.

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