Rain Water Harvesting (Water Questionnaire #2)

Rain Water Harvesting
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Earthworm continues, "I'm quite proud of my handsome water barrels. They were used to pack cherries for import from Chile. I bought them off a young man in San Jose who had a whole backyard full of all kinds of barrels. He got them from a local processing plant that makes cherries for ice cream sundaes for instance. He was advertising on Craig's list. I found him by googling plastic barrels and my city. Then I bought plastic hose bibs with lock-nuts. Plastic expands and contracts at the same rate as the barrels so doesn't leak. I think brass ones would last longer though; just add washers and seal with silicone. The hardest part was linking the two barrels together. I just couldn't find the right parts and I'm not sure what I used will work. It would be better to order the barrel linking kit too."

  1. Do you know of anyone, ANYWHERE, who is harvesting rainwater for human consumption, agricultural or household use?

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