Thank You to My Future Collaborators!

I've been networking over at John(, Pedro (, Ola ( each kindly shown an interest in sharing with me a bit of their thoughts and experience regarding Portugal. So instead of bothering them with trying to do Skype to Skype interviews I thought it might be more useful to pose one question and ask them, as well as others linked to this website, to drop by the site and respond. My hope is that each question will illicit lengthy and varied responses from people who live (or who lived) in Portugal as temporary visitors or permanent residents. Glad you enjoyed those pictures from Coimbra, John! All the best to each of you! Nia. :)

P.S. Since this initial posting everbody is too busy! I guess I'm not touching on issues that people feel passionate enough about. It's all good. Peace and love to one an all. N. ;) 19 April 2007


ugyen said...

HI Nia,
How you doing.. well i was looking around blogs and god"grin" how many website do you have now!! anyway all the website looks just wonderful to me!! was checking your blog.. good job.. keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ugyen, you're so supportive! Welcome back, anytime. :)