Water Tank Piping (Water Questionnaire #4)

Water Tank piping #1
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The world's water is a very precious commodity indeed! Dare we imagine a time when the parched earth is unable to absorb the torrential rains? What happens when the aquifers are not recharged enough to supply our increasing population need for water, potable water? What effect does water falling from the sky and running across the land into the sea have?

This is some of what I found in the selected news from Google News search:

Commission considering desalination plant bid: PM
ABC Online, Australia - Apr 2, 2007
Prime Minister John Howard says the National Water Commission is considering the South Australian Government's application to fund a water desalination ...
Water torture as investment runs dry
The Australian, Australia - 10 hours ago
Leakages cost 1 million cubic metres of water a day - the output of seven desalination plants - the minister said. Even after putting contracts out to
Western US tackles drought
Environmental Data Interactive, UK - 3 hours ago
California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico are investing in desalination and construction of reservoirs on a massive scale as climate change promises even ...
Malta highly vulnerable to climate change
Maltamedia Daily News, Malta - 8 hours ago
Because the rising sea is poisoning their ground water with salt, the authorities in Malta are investing in desalination to make the sea water drinkable.
Drinking the invisible hand
Salon - 5 hours ago
Algeria, for example, is spending billions of dollars on desalination plants, "after suffering acute water shortages five years ago. ...

New York Times
The Climate Divide: Reports From Four Fronts In The War On Warming
Free Internet Press, NY - Apr 3, 2007
His institute has been tracking trends like the burst of new desalination plants in wealthy places running short of water.

Middle East Newsline, Canada - 13 hours ago
... said the ministry was drafting a timetable for the project. He said Jordan would employ nuclear energy for electricity and water desalination.
No Longer Waiting For Rain, US West Takes Action
AND, South Africa - 17 hours ago
In Yuma, Arizona, federal officials have restarted an idled desalination plant, long seen as a white elephant from a bygone era, partly in the hope of ...
$30 million-plus boost to power Gold Coast desalination plant
Media Newswire (press release), NY - Mar 29, 2007
The design and route for the second stage of the project, from the Currumbin substation to the desalination plant at Tugun, is being finalised. ...
State: no more water from Everglades to quench thirsty population
Tampa Bay's 10, FL - 21 hours ago
Officials say utilities would have to begin reusing water on a larger scale and may have to look at desalination techniques.

  1. Do you know of any water desalination projects underway in Portugal?
  2. Do you think desalination is a viable industry in Portugal? Why or why not?

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