Expat Exchange

This site is colorful and has the framework to hold lots of information about relocating to countries all over the world. Unfortunately when I took a look at the "Moving & Relocating" section on the "Portugal Network" page it was empty.

In addition to having lots of pictures and a good foundational framework it seems that if you have information that you want to share you can add it to the site. For example if you have something to sell or you have job to offer someone or if you are looking for a place to rent or for employment, etc.

Bardia let me know that the "post-to-the-future" feature was no longer working. Too bad. Anyway I will be moving this blog to private hosting and it will be on a Word Press platform so there I can actually upload posts and schedule their actual publication. Okay, now that I've posted for 12, 14, 16, I'll work myself backwards to 10, 8, 4. 6 looks like it was already done. ;)

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