Expat Life in Portugal

This photo comes form shared photos at Flickr. For some reason exporting it directly from there to here was not possible so I'll be crediting the photographer in this post shortly.
In May I was busy elsewhere however this month of June I will be posting here regularly in the present there future and the past.
Blogger has a nifty feature that allows publication into the future. Check my "how to MMOL" site on Friday. I'll be publishing instructions with screen shots of how o publish into the future. I found a lovely site which I think is worth checking out. I will be linking it to my side bar at Leave America.

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1 comment:

Sierra said...

Wow! What courage and passion you have. I am impressed with your desire to be self sufficient and live abroad. I too have goals of living more rural and independently. However, I have chosen Alaska for my refuge as I am partial to my motherland.
I did live abroad in Lisbon for 9 months and Cabo Verde for 5. I learned the language and walked the streets as a missionary. I got to see a good spread of poverty and wealth. The most attractive thing for me was the wealth of nature, culture, and history. I did see a lot of poverty in the way that many people I worked with were not meeting their basic sanitary and nutritional needs, but I could say that same thing about the conditions of overabundance here in the states too.
I wish you luck in your adventures and hope that you will find your wealth in fulfilling your dreams in Portugal.