TransPortgal Mountain Bike Race

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When I see pictures like these and glance at the ages of the participants I feel inspired.

The race ends on Sunday 17 June. I'll publish the results as they become available to me.

It looks like the terrain was pretty rough in spots and the weather at times challenging.

I read about one person who had to stop due to a flat tire and then had to remove countless thorns form his tires, one by one, before continuing.

The course spans Portugal however I haven't located a map of the race yet. It may indeed span the length--north to south--as I read somewhere on the net.

From what I understand they bikers bike all day and bath and sleep at night along the way.

It would be fabulous to have a guest house that could host all or part of this group.

Yes, my place in Portugal will be very close to some marvelous thoroughfare not intended for big trucks and bottom line commerce.

From the pics I imagine that there are many rural opportunities awaiting us in Portugal. I am thankful to a previous commenter that reminded me that I am not of the opinion that there is anything particularly noble or virtuous or quaint about poverty.

However, of course for me to be without a car, a television or a connection to a sewer would not be poverty.

Surely I can have food, water, shelter, elasticity, potable water and sanitation without being "developed" and without being impoverished either. I don't intend to romanticize poverty. I think I just have a different idea about what material assets are important and which material assets cause more harm than good.

Development for me has meant for me short term for the few at the expense of the many and long term waste and destruction for all. The actually development I am interested in is that which supports individual and community self sufficiency in a sustainable manner , not at the detriment of the individual, the community or the planetary environment that we all breathe.

Now back the race.