Working & Living in Portugal

This book, Working & Living in Portugal, is a great way to start formulating your game plan to move to Portugal. Highly recommended.

Here are the customer reviews from Amazon

This is not the most complete book on living and working in Portugal but deserves full marks for what it is, a very clear and concise guide. It was my first read on the matter and gave me an excellent starting point. Specially good are the chapters Portugal Today and Living in Portugal. I strongly recommend it to anyone at the initial stages of considering a move to Portugal.

very practical4
This is a very practical guide to planning a move to Portugal, delving deep into details about Portuguese life, work ethic, extracurricular hobbies, economic logistics, etc. My only criticism is that the author only very timidly broaches the issue that you can't very readily make a decent living wage in Portugal. This is much more upfront in almost ALL of the case study interviews- where they recommend getting a UK-based job with UK salary rate vs. picking up a Portuguese job.

Comprehensive and useful5
This book starts with a very readable introduction and gradually leads you in from 'first steps' through to permits, banking, taxes, you name it. It goes as far as getting Portuguese nationality. Like other books, it has 'profiles' of the different regions in the country, but in a good balance with other (and more relevant) information you seek in this kind of book. Information on actually living and working in the country is very practical and the references for further reading are good. As the icing on the cake, the book includes topics like etiquette. This is not the first book I bought but is by far superior to my first attempt. I did not know about this book at the time. I hope others can benefit from my trial and error route and go straight to a good buy.

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